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It is believed that the Underworld film series has gone inactive for more than a month and a half after the debut of Underworld: Blood Wars in the year 2017. The most current information on possible plans for a film being released has been Underworld 6.


“Underworld 6” is a tale about Vampire death-dealer Selene (Kate Beckinsale) as she battles brutal attacks from the Lycan clan as well in the Lycan clan and the Vampire faction that has been a traitor to her.


Underworld is a story about Selene an Ethereal Vampire that is known as the Dead Dealer , fighting the lycans who she claims murdered her family members. The collection contains Underworld 2003, Underworld Awakening, Underworld Evolution, Underworld Blood Wars, Underworld Rise of the Lycans.

Underworld 6 Cast

In 2017 Len Wiseman, who changed roles from producer to writer has announced that the creation of an film of six films was under development and will feature Kate Beckinsale return as the leading role. In the following year, she addressed casting rumors commenting that “I will not be returning. I’ve been in a lot movies, but none of these.” This is a confirmation of her view on what will be the next chapter in this series will be. In addition to Beckinsale there isn’t any other actor to have appeared in more than two films. Additionally, with the main actor who played the lead has left the film you can be certain that the film’s producers will pick the actor who will be replaced by other actors who will act as secondary characters.



Underworld 6. Release Date

Filming on Underworld 6 has not even been begun due to the fact that the part will be given to a different actress. According to what information we imagine, Underworld 6 may come out in January 2022. The date isn’t set yet but you’ll need to be able to stream the show on Amazon Prime.

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