Music has brought us with some of the best and stunning artists over the years. Certain musicians are able to flourish and settle for a long time, while they all fade over time.

This article examines some of the most popular female pop stars of the 1980s, with a fervent following — their music was captivating. We’ve also tried to discover their current location, and which we were surprised to discover that the majority of them are performing in some way and are still entertaining us in the purest sense.

1. Tina Turner

Tina Turner, also known as the Queen of Rock ‘n’ Roll is among the most famous artists across the world. Her career spans over six decades, making the world of music more profound through her lyrics and voice. Tina has been awarded twelve Grammy awards, and has been recognized in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Hollywood Walk of Fame and many more awards are hers. The impact she has made to the music industry goes beyond measurement.

As of now, a citizen of Switzerland Tina, who is who is in her eighties, is writing books. Her latest work included “Happiness Becomes You: A Guide to Changing Your Life for Good.” While her career is over, she requires an excuse to get involved in new music like she did in the year 2018 when she and Tina worked with her on a remix of her track “What’s Love Got to Do with It.”

2. Debbie Gibson

Debbie is among the few talent of the American music industry that managed to smash some impressive records. For instance, not only her debut album earn triple platinum, but she also was the first female songwriter, performer and producer to be receive a Billboard Hot 100 number one single. In addition she was awarded the second record Electric Youthdouble-platinum certification. Over the course of her forty-year career has given us albums such as Deborah, Body, Mind Souland numerous others.

Debbie continues to pursue music as a career, and in the last couple of years, she’s had a charting on the Billboard charts at 26 and performed on the mixtape tour of Ohio and released the single “Girls Night Out.” The track was placed in the fourth spot on the Billboard Dance Club Chart.

3. Whitney Houston

Certain names don’t require an introduction, and neither do Whitney Houston. The world’s most famous star of the world of pop as well as R&B music, the winner of numerous awards over many years of experience, of these do not describe the majesty that is Whitney Houston. Following Madonna as well as Janet Jackson, she was named third on this top ten of the “50 Greatest Women of the Video Era.” Whitney’s accomplishments are endless.

With millions of admirers around the world The fairytale princess’s story wasn’t all roses. After a prolonged hiatus during the 2000s Whitney returned to her music, but she was unable to regain her crown once she ruled. Whitney was equal to Michael Jackson in terms of the number of awards and fame, she was tragically killed from an overdose February 11 12 2012. The death of a star.

4. Pat Benatar

If you’re a lover of the old-school rock scene, Pat Benetar might be an old name. Beginning her career with her debut album in 1979 Pat did well to emerge as one of biggest rock stars of the era. She released back-to-back hits albums such as Crimes of Passion and Precious Time. Four-time Grammy winner was immensely popular not just in the US but as well Canada and the Uk and Australia.

Although she’s not much of an involved in the present, Pat did release her single “Shine” in solidarity to the Women’s March in 2017. Then she released a second track titled “Dancing Through the Wreckage.” Pat Benetar was inducted into the Rock and roll Hall of Fame in 2022.

5. Madonna

She is often referred to for being the queen of Pop and it is rightly so. Born in the year 1958 the hexagenerian superstar continues to perform in various locations. Madonna’s first single came out in 1982. It became a huge hit and it was not surprising. After the album, after the album, she snatched one record after another. Madonna holds her own Guinness Record Holder for the top-selling female artist. She holds the record for the highest-grossing solo artist, and not just specifically in the female genre, but all over the world. There were two shows that saw the crowd exceed 100,000.

The legend of the music industry performs on stage for special occasions. She planned the Madame X tour in 2019 for her album with the identical name. Madonna gave $1 million dollars to the study of a vaccine for covid. It’s possible that in the near future we’ll be seeing her biopic also.

6. Celine Dion

Celine Dion is most likely famous for her hit single “My Heart Will Go On” in the film “Titanic.” But if you’re a fan or pop music generally, you’d recognize that she’s performed numerous other beautiful songs. Celine’s albums “Falling into You”and “Let’s Talk” About Lovewere both huge success in the US even before the single. Celine has released a number of French albums, too but the album D’euxis is still the most-sold French album ever.

An artist of her calibre in terms of talent and experience surpasses expectations. Celine’s husband’s passing in 2016 was a traumatic event that shook her to the core. Regaining her strength, she jumped into music making and took on the massive Asia-Pacific tour that consisted of 22 performances. The singer has confirmed her next tour in the world “Courage” to take place in 2022.

7. Paula Abdul

Paula Abdul is an accomplished multi-talented individual who had an impressive career as a popular artist. In addition to singing, she’s an accomplished choreographer as well as a TV star. Paula was choreographing for some of the most famous artists before she decided to use her musical talent and signed with Virgin Records. In the following days her album debut “Forever Your Girl” was released, and it was well-loved by the people who heard it. Most of the singles listed on the Billboard Hot 100 list. Paula is the recipient of her Grammy Award for Best Music Video and Primetime Emmy for Best Choreography.

After two decades of retirement, Paula returned to live to perform. Beginning at performing at Mixtape Festival, she has been performing in a variety of countries. The year of 2019, she appeared on the show’s final episode America’s Got Talent.

8. Belinda Carlisle

Belinda is well-known for her role in American music and pop-culture for her contribution to the new style of change- introduced or, to be more precise, introduced the music of the new wave. Go-Go’s was Belinda’s group that experienced first successes in this style, and became the first girl group to be ranked as a no.1 album that contained the entire songs written and recorded by them. For her solo career she released her self-titled debut album. The singles received a great reception in the airwaves. Then Belinda returned to her band and pursued her solo career at the same time.

In 2010, Belinda released the autobiography of her life “Lips Sealed” and it was a NYT Bestseller. In the following year, she along with her band received the Hollywood Walk of Fame. In the year 2022, Belinda Carlisle was nominated for the Rock ‘n’Roll Hall of Fame.

9. Janet Jackson

Janet Jackson is probably the most well-known female pop artist following Madonna she has been around since the 1980s. Her career began at the age of 70. Since then, she’s released her most successful albums in succession, gaining her a huge fan base. Her albums such as Control Rhythm Nation 1814and and many others have communicated certain messages to the masses. The symbol of sex in the 1980s rock and roll, she is one of the most highly-paid performers generally.

Six Grammy awards is still active in music production. Janet had planned a world tour for her forthcoming release, Black Diamond but due to Covid issues , it was cancelled. Janet was inducted into the 2019 Rock ‘n’ roll Hall of Fame.

10. Joan Jett

Joan Jett is another prominent name from the 1980s who has enjoyed a lucrative and influential career. She’s still in the business. The singer-songwriter is famous for her group “Joan Jett & the Blackhearts.” Songs such as “Bad Reputation”, “Crimson and Clover” are the work from Joan and her band.

In the past thirty years or so, Joan has performed all across the globe. She has been recognized for her contributions to music and was admitted to the Rock ‘n’ roll Hall of Fame back in the year 2015 together with her group. Joan Jett & the Blackhearts will appear in 2022 too.


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