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Based on surveys and statistical data of the relevant people The relationship with the blood type and marriage generally has the following 13 possible combinations.

1. Type A husband and Type A wife. Both spouses are extremely conservative and cautious however, in situations such as being welcoming and friendly to neighbors The wife is able to handle the burden with just one hand. They do not have any emotional conflicts and are a great couple.

2. A-type husband and O-type wife. It appears that on the surface, it appears to be that wife the more visible However, inside the husband is gripping the rope tightly. Because he is too cautious the rope can cause a snort.

3. Type A husband and Type B wife. A decent and well-mannered husband is easily taken care of by a wild wife, particularly when she has done something that ruins her husband’s image and will eventually be a source of contention between them.

4. Type A husband and Type A type wife. Women are often coquettish to their husbands. They are strong, which means they can easily be awed by the behavior of wives. The husband is able to be absorbed into his world, while the wife is the main source of stimulation in his life.

5. O-type husband and O-type wife. It’s the same obstinate and rigid couple. Shortly after the marriage, the couple will fight to stop each other from interacting however, no matter what, they will usually have a woman-dominated situation.

6. Type O husband and Type A wife. In a flash, it’s the type of husband and wife with a powerful man and a woman in power, however it’s the type A wife who has helped her husband to stand up. The husband who is weak in blood type is unaware of fighting to protect his spouse.

7. Type O husband and Type B wife. A steady and steady husband and dedicated wife. In short, a person is men, and woman have the appearance of a woman. However when a husband tries to smother his wife in a way the bond between them is likely to be shattered.

8. O type husband and AB type wife. It is a couple that does not have any emotional connection, such as the combination of a dull husband and a vivacious wife. It is crucial being in a position to be able to accept one another and not be a critic of one another.

9. Type B husband and Type B wife. The couple would like to do whatever they want, stress-free and satisfied. Sometimes, they fall short because they don’t think ahead. So, the wife is likely to be required to exert an extra effort to regulate certain behaviors.

10. Type B husband and Type A wife. Wives are often played by husbands who excel in their reasoning. Husbands are not averse to worldly norms and wives are a bit of pride, and there’s nothing wrong with them and arguments between the two could easily arise.

11. Type B husband and wife of type O. The most common scenario is a couple where the wife holds the power and a realistic wife does not fall for the type-B husband who loves to manipulate his wife. It is recommended that the wife to not impose on her husband excessively in order to not cause the member of the household fearful.

12. Type B husband and type AB type wife. They are a couple that is with a lot of creativity and individuality. They will not be bound by the secular norms and styles. The wife is the one who has the most influence. There are wives who make use of their talents at work to make a difference.

13. AB type husband and the type wife of AB. This is a couple who is hard for other people to comprehend. They believe that each the other is their ideal partner. Particular attention should be paid on the possibility that the bond between them is suffocated because they’re too close.


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