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As we wrap up the tough school year of 2020/21 and reflect on the many hurdles teachers have overcame. However, there is still work to be done. A lot of districts are focusing on key initiatives that aim to tackle the loss of learning in subjects such as reading and math. The student’s social and emotional Learning (SEL) along with general student gap analysis are among the districts’ top concerns. The state has initiatives being implemented to increase cultural competence. However, it’s not just students who are the only ones struggling this year. Teachers have also faced difficulties in their own SEL, stress, work-life balance as well as juggling hybrid learning with the use of new technology and processes.

Uniform Talent(tm) Professional Learning can assist you in providing teachers by providing them with the tools needed to develop their teaching skills, learn and succeed in the current digital education system. There are 4 ways to make use of Professional Learning to scale, centralize, control, expand and monitor professional development. You can now better assist your instructors while making the lives of the professional development team.

Automate K-12 PD Compliance

Every district requires teachers and staff to take the required courses. In the last year, because of the outbreak, we have seen new PD classes for teachers that covered topics such as “Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)” and “Blood Born Pathogens.” When new courses are included in the catalogue, students who are using Professional Learning can create a PD Playlist of these courses and demand personnel who are new or returning to take the courses. However, you are not limited to the simple creation of the playlist. It is possible to use PD Playlist to automate compliance.

For instance, you could make For instance, you can create a “New Employee Playlist” that contains information on the district’s the location and policies, as well as the latest COVID-19-related content. The content can be customized to the employee’s specific needs like the location, subject, or the grade. You can also create the playlist for a specific time period for hiring, like any time during the autumn semester. When an employee is hired during the time the employee will be sent an email containing the mandatory courses that must be completed. The progress of each course is tracked centrally to ensure the compliance of employees.

Go Beyond Compliance

Teachers and staff have diverse experiences and know-how. While compliance PD assures that all teachers possess the necessary or basic understanding, certain teachers may require specific assistance. For instance, we’ve observed that certain teachers are more proficient, comfortable and proficient in teaching online than other teachers. In addition, while monitoring compliance with online instruction is a guarantee that every teacher has the basic knowledge but many would like to enhance their skills or fill gaps in their knowledge.

PD Playlists lets you quickly create playlists based on topics which are shared with, monitored and continuously modified by users. You can make playlists that focus on important issues like student SEL, education in STEM fields, hybrid educational models and much more. You can also set the playlist to reflect certain demographics, such as years of experience, geographic location or even the title of your job. For instance, once middle school teachers who has taught for twenty years successfully completes the required online courses for teaching They will receive an email that is automated with the link to an extensive playlist of courses that are suitable to teach online. The district is now not just ensuring compliance, but teaching teachers to develop the fundamental skills that will benefit them for future years and help increase the student’s performance.

One of the most appealing features that topic playlists offer is their ability to allow participants to communicate with one another and suggest other courses. In the event that a teacher takes an outstanding course in SEL and they want to include it onto the SEL playlist and then recommend the course to others with access to the playlist. This makes sure that the course is not only relevant to the area, but they’re also well-reviewed and beneficial to your staff.

Deliver Streamlined Professional Development Courses With Unified Classroom(tm) Schoology Learning

Are you already Utilizing the Unified Classroom(r) Schoology Learning as your learning management system (LMS)? With Professional Learning it is possible to offer PD courses through Schoology Learning and offer teachers who are busy with an effortless experience using a platform that they already have a working knowledge of. If a teacher chooses the on-line Schoology Learning course from the PD Playlist, they are quickly taken to the course’s interface. Single sign-on allows them to not need to sign in repeatedly, thereby making it easier to manage multiple passwords. When they complete each course, credits are automatically synchronized into your Professional Learning transcript.

We appreciate every employee within our district. Being able to offer the highest-quality education for all employees shows that we value that.

Sean BeaversonPersonalized and Digital Learning Specialist

Edina Public Schools

Personalize Professional Development

Learning is more efficient when it’s tailored. Although this is generally acknowledged as being true for students, it is also applicable to teachers. Numerous districts have programs of coaching and mentoring that provide teachers with more specific assistance. Mentors regularly meet with their mentees in order to discuss problems and possible solutions. While mentors might have greater experience in their field, they do not necessarily have all the information or know-how in every field.

Through PD Playlist, mentors are able to improve their personal interactions by creating customized playlists for their students. They can create topic areas according to the needs of each mentee and track their the progress of their mentees to ensure that they’re making improvements. Mentor groups can also discuss and recommend the most beneficial programs to meet their needs.

Professional Development Is About More Than Compliance

Professional development extends beyond compliance. In order to truly help educators, we must to offer them the same assistance we give our students. We must move beyond the requirement of compliance to monitoring and assisting in important skill and topic areas.


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