Soccer, The Last Sport to Stop due to the Coronavirus in Australia

James Johnson, President of the Australian Football Federation. 

The Australian league stops its competition with five days to go, assuming its managers that playing in the midst of the epidemic is “mission impossible”

The last sport that followed the season in Australia, soccer, decided to stop this Tuesday because, according to its leaders, playing in the midst of a coronavirus epidemic is “mission impossible.”

In the past two days, rugby league and the country’s most popular sport, Australian soccer, have suspended competitions. Rugby, cricket, basketball, and all other team sports had done it before.

There were only five days left of the soccer championship, but it is no longer a matter of playing behind closed doors, but rather that the restrictions imposed on travel prevent the celebration of matches and two teams are also in quarantine.

“For a national competition taking place in almost all regions of Australia, and also in New Zealand, a complex mission has become an impossible mission,” said the president of the Australian Football Federation. James Johnson, at a press conference in Sydney. But “this sport will survive, I am absolutely sure of it,” he added.

Australia, with 2,136 cases of coronavirus and eight deaths, the vast majority in large cities, has prohibited the entry of non-resident foreigners and imposes strict restrictions on movements within the country.

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