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Subaru’s misery doesn’t end with the second season of Re: Zero, either. A sequel is being planned for the future however, when exactly is Re: Zero season 3 due to be released ?

Subaru A simple, young man has a chance to be transported to a fantasy realm. He is introduced to a mysterious woman named Emilia and discovers something shocking. Each time he dies, the body is revived, just as in a video game. This creates a myriad of options for him but it also results in a lot of suffering. The adventure continues with the return of season 2 Re: Zero, which was aired on Crunchyroll up to around 1 month back. What about season three

Re Zero Season 3 – When will it be available?

As of now, very little details are available regarding the possibility of a third season for the show. It’s fairly certain that it will be a sequel, since not just is the fantasy tale always well-loved by the fans and the the executive producer Sho Tanaka has previously confirmed the existence of a sequel through an interview on Crunchyroll:

“I’m sure that once you’ve seen that (Season 2) you’ll be begging for a third season. We’re looking at it. “

It is impossible to predict when the next episodes will be aired. If season 3 has similar length of time to the previous season and the start date is 2024, then a delay isn’t to be hoped for. We believe a date earlier as more realistic, maybe next year. If your patience doesn’t suffice to wait until then, you’ll must go through Tappei Nagatsuki’s novel.

What happens when the animated series develop?

Beware, spoilers are to follow. Following the defeat of the Army of Bloodthirsty Rabbits in the season 2 finale, Subaru, Emilia, and Beatrice have to face a fresh task. To assert that Emilia is the queen’s daughter there must be an end to the intrigues of politics. Subaru, as the steadfast knight of the alleged the future Queen, Subaru will be back in the spotlight.

The fans are also looking for the return of some well-known characters like Rem as well as Beatrice. Additionally, new enemies particularly those from the witch cult are anticipated. It’s still interesting.


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