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Big Mom is into the wano alongside Kaido. Other than Kaido as well as Big Mom, the Wano arc is a story about the dawn of a new age that goes beyond the old one. The remainder of the crew of that of the Rocks Pirate group are thought that they will be crushed, or destroyed in this story. This speculation has certain clues which are revealed in the narrative.

As we have seen so far so far, the battle at Onigashima is the conclusion of the Wano Country arc. After the victory over Onigashima the five members of the Worst Generation, namely Luffy, Zoro, Kidd, Killer and Law are facing two Yonko simultaneously. The five members of the Worst Generation do possess “history” with the two Yonko and, in particular, Kidd as well as Big Mom.

The most interesting thing is that the fans believe the possibility that Kaido as well as Big Mom will not appear in the next Wano episode, or are going to be defeated by Worst Generation. This is because there’s no reason for Big Mom and Kaido to turn into the main antagonists following this arc because their time will come to an end with Wano. Luffy is the main cause of Kaido’s fall as well as Kidd is thought to be the source of Big Mom’s demise.

There’s a reason Oda Sensei showed her support to the conflict with Kidd as well as Big Mom long before the Wano arch, or to be specific, as long as Fish-Man Island. Kidd is known for his ability to decimate any or more of his Big Mom groups. The dispute between the two groups escalated during the Udon warriors after we discovered that Kidd took something from the Big Mom’s territory and wounded one of his commanding officers.

In the wake of Luffy and Kidd eliminated Luffy and Kidd, the Yonko from the previous era and Kidd, the next episode will be focused the attention on Shanks as well as Blackbeard. It is expected that the Yonko in the current era may be in confrontation with Yonko from the present day which is Blackbeard as well as Shanks. The same has been revealed as the hint by Oda Sensei. Luffy is in conflict with Blackbeard’s character. While Kidd was fighting, Kidd clashed with Shanks.

The two Yonko will serve as their “next ladder” for Kidd and Luffy. Oda continues to tell stories and create stories based on the battle that exists between Kidd as well as Luffy along with the Yonko to explain why. Kidd’s triumph over the Yonko within the exact same story as Luffy will prove the theory which fans are discussing about, specifically Kidd is Luffy’s adversary.

If Kidd is looking to become an official figure in the eyes of Luffy, the pirate king, the kidd has to face and be a threat to Luffy. This will serve as a testing place for Kidd and taking on Big Mom and defeating him is how Kidd is able to do it. Kidd may not be able to be able to kill Big Mom, but after this Wano Arc Big Mom will most likely end her power or power.

Additionally to that, The Morgan paper will recognize the name that of Eustass Kidd as one of the people “responsible” for the defeat of Big Mom. This will increase Kidd’s image in the global spotlight particularly in relation to being Luffy’s adversary. We’re waiting to see, geeks, which way will Kidd outdo Big Mom.


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