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Chapter 1010 of the One Piece manga series finally proved something crucial from Zoro and that was that he actually had the power to conquer Haki. The truth that Zoro had the ability of Conqueror Haki was not really any kind of surprise. The reason for this is that to date, Eiichiro Oda has provided clues about this issue that have been the basis for many theories and speculations.

Zoro Luffy, like Zoro Luffy Luffy, is similar to Rayleigh Luffy, to Rayleigh, is similar to Roger. He was a close figure in the crew, the belief that he was not weaker because it was stronger, but because he was being a right-handed person with similar strength. Rayleigh also happens to be a fan of Conqueror Haki which is why, when you consider that there may be a connection in Zoro and Rayleigh this means that Zoro is also a user of this Haki.

As we’ve mentioned this fact Zoro is the one with Conqueror Haki is an affirmation of what fans had speculated previously. Oda has been dropping clues regarding this for quite some time, noting Zoro’s “very strong aura”, “killing intent”, and Zoro’s extremely powerful “demonic air”.

According to Rayleigh stated, Conqueror Haki is “the power to conquer.” This is in keeping with the events that took place to Monet after he ended up being “killed” as a result of Zoro’s attack. When Zoro would strike Monet, Zoro looked so serious in his eyes. It’s also interesting that these gazes and expressions are exactly as Conqueror Haki users usually do.

In the beginning of the Wano episode, Urashima – the sumo champion attempts to capture Kiku but he isn’t able to accomplish it. This is because Urashima was feeling the terrible air of Zoro. Zoro’s willpower is powerful and remarkable even at the point of being capable of creating an illusion with his body, which appeared to grow like an undead.

On the other hand people from the Worst Generations felt how extraordinary the atmosphere surrounding the killing of Zoro was. In chapter 997 Zoro was angry at Queen, and said that he was too busy to play and spent time playing the games that he was playing. In that moment it was evident that Queen was scared by Zoro’s words. However, Kaido was the cause of the earthquake that struck Onigashima due to the fact that he raised his island.

Many believed this was due to Zoro’s Conqueror Haki. Brook even believed it too. Although at first, it seemed like an amusing story, we eventually discover that it’s not just a prank. It is nevertheless fascinating because many believed they were the result of anger from Zoro and Conqueror Haki who was his name.

Although there’s no proof yet that Zoro is trying to take control of Enma to ensure that his sword isn’t absorbed by the Zoro’s Armament Haki, there is an opportunity that Zoro is not conscious of employing Conqueror Haki. This could be the reason Zoro was later in a position to “control” Enma. In reality, there’s an idea among the people who have seen the show that Zoro makes use of Conqueror Haki within Logue Town to try his luck in obtaining Sandai Kitetsu.

It is also stated that the Databook of One Piece also states that Zoro’s strength in fighting is the same as that of Luffy. The reason Zoro wants be a follower of Luffy is due to his faith and respect for Luffy. After the conclusion of the series, there’s an opportunity that Zoro will be the right-hand man to the most powerful pirate king following Rayleigh. Of course, Zoro is bound to achieve his dream of becoming the world’s best swordsman.


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