Mikel Arteta Arsenal manager recovered from COVID-19

London, England.- After being diagnosed with COVID-19, Mikel Arteta, Arsenal coach, confirmed that he is fully recovered and in perfect health.

“I feel fully recovered. I started having some symptoms when the club called us to say we might be exposed to the virus. I felt something I had not had before. We had a game the next day against Manchester City so I decided to call the doctor and ask him to go home.”

The Spanish strategist recalled that they had been close to the president of the Olympiacos of Greece who tested positive for this virus, so when he began to feel the symptoms he called an emergency meeting to cancel the following commitments.

“If that were the case, all the players and people related to the club who contact me on a daily basis are exposed. Therefore, we cannot make that decision, we have to talk to the Premier League, Manchester City and we have to make a decision quickly, “he said.

He also added that his wife tested positive, although fortunately in her children the symptoms did not appear, which she described.

“It looked like a normal virus. I had three or four days that were a little difficult, with a little fever and a dry cough, and also some chest discomfort. That was it, ”he explained. ”

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