Madrid (EFE) – Luis Enrique Martínez, Spanish coach, assured in a virtual meeting with fans that the player who has most impressed him throughout his career is the Argentine Leo Messi, he showed words of affection towards Barcelona, ​​leaving the doors open to a future return, although he assured that he hopes to be “many years” in command of the team and guide it to win titles again.

“The player who has most impressed me in my career is Leo Messi, then Iniesta is very close to something similar, although Leo is with a great difference to the others,” Luis Enrique confessed at his virtual press conference with questions thrown by fans of The Red.

In the middle of the quarantine due to the coronavirus, Luis Enrique sent a message so that everyone remains at home. “My biggest challenge as a coach is to get to the Eurocopa that will be played in the summer of 2021 in the best conditions and try to recover a good performance line, be in a position to win the titles.”

“Outside of football, my biggest challenge now is being at home, fighting this virus, it is a goal that we all have, and despite not being as attractive as others, it is very important and it is advisable to raise awareness.”

For this reason, he recounted his daily plans to carry out confinement in the best possible way. “I try to divide the day into obligatory things like helping with household chores, studying some English, I watch soccer things and then I dedicate time to leisure, I watch series and read. I divide the day into obligations and some time to things that amuse me that happen fast the days, “he recommended.

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The Asturian coach who remembered Barcelona looked back when they asked him about the team he would return to if he had a chance. “I am very fortunate to have been able to spend so many years in a club like Barcelona that gave me everything. I have always been lucky to leave the doors open for the teams I have been in. Of all, my time at Barça B and the first The team was wonderful and I will always be grateful to them. “

And he reviewed his growth as a coach. “There has been a very big evolution. Since 2008 I started twelve years have passed, I rested a couple and they are ten years of profession. You realize that you are a coach the day you arrive at the locker room and they ask you everything, tactically, technical, group-level behavior, coexistence rules. I have evolved, I have developed my game model looking for what made me feel better as a coach and the best to achieve success. I am very proud of what I have achieved so far, but I am very ambitious and I hope to achieve much more. “

That ambition is now focused on the Spanish team with the aim of winning the European Championship and the World Cup again. “We have experienced the best generation of players in the history of Spanish football, all at the top level at their best ages. We have to take over but I see the team trained to win things, it is one of the challenges that I have set myself as a coach, “he confessed.

“It is evident that we are in a process. There are teams with tremendous potential, but we are part of the group of six or seven who can enter to win titles and our performance will tell if it could have been or not,” he added.

Luis Enrique assured that being a coach “has always” made him “excited” and acknowledged that he hopes “to be many years” after his return to the post after leaving him due to the serious family situation he suffered.

“I am looking forward to returning to the activity with the national team, now we have to be on hold and the important thing is health, that we respect the measures of confinement. Better times will come,” he asked.

He expressed his wish that after the friendlies for March were suspended, those for June could be maintained, although he gave priority to health. “We are going to wait when the League can be restarted and compete again. The matches for the June team have not been canceled yet, but I am not worried, what worries me the most is a health and that everyone recovers well, that they can overcome this pandemic. Football, when there are things of this severity, is not so important. “

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