Before you subdivide a lot of land, ensure that it is in accordance with the Town Council policies. Also, that Council meets all zoning regulations. This can be achieved by doing a feasibility analysis and having experienced people assist you throughout the development process.

Subdivide a block where there are lots of properties. It makes it easier and more cost-effective for valuers.

Subdividing will require the allocation of the new lot. But, it is important that you look into the possibility of the property being connected to certain services.

It is easy to connect electricity. Water reticulation doesn’t pose a problem because it is pressurized. The most important thing is that you look at storm water drainage as well as sewage.


  • It is possible to turn one property into many by selling subdivided blocks.
  • If the land is divided, you have the option of maximizing your investment to create multiple properties.
  • Future financial security could be provided through subdivision or property developments.

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Otherwise, you could miss out on the many avenues to wealth through Subdivision.


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