How To Join Someone’s World In Minecraft (Step-By-Step)

Minecraft is among the most thrilling and well-known games that allows you to explore and be creative while creating new worlds.

You can play on your own and enjoy the game on various platforms.

But, you might also be interested in playing with your buddies and share their worlds, or create your own worlds.


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There’s always the possibiity of playing Minecraft in split-screen mode but it’s not without limits.

For example, you’ll need to be at the same place and share a single screen.

There are other methods to be part of the world of your friends via the internet. They are simple to setup and can meet different requirements and skills.

How To Join Someone’s World In Minecraft (Step-By-Step)

1. Minecraft Servers

Another method of connecting to the world of a person you know is to join their server.

The other person has to set up the server and provide you with the IP address.

However, as the process of setting up an individual server can be challenging and requires specialized technical knowledge it is possible to use established servers which are free and simple to set up.

If you are insistent on having an own web server are able to utilize third-party software to build your servers, without you having to participate with the creation process.

If the server is public or private and how to join it is exactly the same.

If your friend has given you an IP address for the server Open the Minecraft client and then go into the screen for Multiplayer.

You will see either Direct Connection or Add Server and click it.

Find an “Server Address” box, then paste in the IP address of the server.

It is possible that you will need to select an appropriate name for the server, specifically when you choose an “Add Server” option.

Then step, select to join the server to begin playing with your players.

Similar options are available in the Bedrock Edition.

After you have opened Minecraft After opening Minecraft, select play and then go to the Servers tab.

There is a listing of servers that you can pick one that is appealing to you.

If your acquaintance has provided you the IP address of the server You can copy it and then insert it in the Add Server box.

It may be necessary to input the server’s name and port, in combination with your IP address.

2. Minecraft Realms

Some players like Realms rather than servers even though they’re more limited and do not include plugins and mods.

Furthermore that they’re not free and you must pay for a subscription that can be priced differently according to your platform of choice, duration of the subscription, as well as the amount of users.

However it’s also easy to install and safe.

This is because you can make your own world in just a couple of clicks. Friends can join in only with an invitation.

Your friend is able to create an entire world on the both Java as well as Bedrock versions.

For Java when you open Minecraft you will see options for Minecraft Realms.

Simply click Create and configure the Realm and then enter your name, whether you are a new or an existing one.

For the Bedrock version, he procedure is also easy.

After you have opened Minecraft After opening Minecraft, click Play and then go to the Create New tab..

Simply click to open a New Realm and type in the name of the world.

After choosing the size of the realm After selecting the realm size, Click to create.

It is important to pay for the subscription however, you are also able to use the free trial period of 30 days.

If you’d like to sign up for paying for the subscription go to the realm and choose Buy Now..

Follow the screen instructions to complete the procedure.

If you’d like to join with your friends in their realms, they’ll need to invite you.

After they have created the realm, players must click the Configure the Realm and then players.

You can also add players by pressing on the + symbol and then entering your username.

Select Invite Player.

Once you’ve entered your username once more After that, you’ll receive an invite that you need to click to join their world.

If you haven’t received an invitation, visit the Realms page and search for new Invitations at the top.

You can view all opportunities to enter new realms by simply clicking this icon.

Choose the realm you want to play in and select “Play” to be a part of the world of your friend.

If you want to invite your friend or family member into join the Bedrock edition Your friend must select the pen icon right next to their realm’s name , and then choose members..

Click on the Share tab to receive an invite link that can be sent to you.

They should also be added to your Whitelist So they must log in on your Xbox Live account and add them to their list.

To view their invitation You can also visit their Friends section and then click on the list to join their world.

3. Minecraft LAN

In the event that you and your companion are living in the same area and are using your own internet, you will be able to connect to their world using the LAN.

First the friend must connect Then, you can join them.

If you’re playing an edition that is Java edition, switch the game into it’s single player mode and then enter the world you want to play in or create a brand new world.

Press the Esc key and then select option Open to the LAN option.

You must select the desired game mode from the new window. It’s Adventure, Creative, or Survival.

Based on your preference depending on your preferences, you can choose “Allow cheats on” or disable it.

Hit the Start LAN World button.

On your device, you need to launch the Minecraft game and then select to select the multiplayer option.

When your friend joins his or her journey into the LAN world, you’ll see the option The Lan World at the top of the screen.

Clicking this button, you will be able to join in with your friends’ world.

If they do not, they will require sharing the port number mentioned in the confirmation email with you.

It’s something like that reads “Local game hosted on port #” with the # sign replaced by a five-digit code.

It is possible to enter this port number into the Server Address box located under Direct Connect..

You’ll also have to give an acquaintance’s IP address, which is accessible by using”ipconfig” or the command to “ipconfig” and under the IPv4 option.

The Bedrock edition has LAN worlds turned on by default.

Your friend will need to create a new world and show it to others LAN members.

To create a world, users must start Minecraft and then select the Play option and then build a world.

Alternately, they can modify their existing world, and then make it the world to be visible to LAN players.

Join the world at the Worlds tab and searching for LAN games for your device.

If it’s not working for some reason, you may enable it by enabling it in the world’s settings in the Multiplayer section.

Make sure you exit the world prior to changing the setting since you won’t be able to make any changes while there.

The Bedrock edition allows you to set how many slots you want to play and increase the number of players to 30.

Even if you’re in the same place you are able to connect to your friends’ world through an LAN connection.

Your friend must forward the port of the game, and you are able to connect to the server using the router’s IP (more on this later).


There’s another option if you wish to join a friend’s network over the internet.

JoinMeIn is a kind of VPN application which connects you to your online friends by mimicking an LAN connection.

You can however only join five other people in this network.

Furthermore there have been reports of issues between Hamachi and certain antiviruses that have blocked the connection.

If you receive an error message saying that Hamachi could not connect, disable temporarily your firewall and antivirus to test if it does the trick.

To connect to your friends through Hamachi the person host of the LAN must download the Hamachi app and then create an account.

Next, click on The Network Tab to create an entirely new network.

Your friend must also set up an LAN network (as previously described) and give its port number to you.

After you have set up the network, you need to visit your Network Tab in the Hamachi application on your device, and then click Join an existing network.

Enter the port number of your LAN and join the world of your friends.

What To Do If You Can’t Join Your Friend’s Worlds?

If you aren’t able to join the world of your friends in Minecraft You should look into the details you might have missed.

For instance, you won’t be able to be a part of the Bedrock world when your computer is running Java. Java edition.

You should also check whether you’re playing the same version of the game.

If you’re using the internet to connect to your friends’ world, make sure you’re connected to the same network.

The game has to be multi-player if you’re playing with the world via an online server or world.

If it’s a one-player game You can’t play it.

Another aspect to be aware of, and that may seem to obvious, is that the person who invited you or provided you with the server’s address should be at present in the world.

If they’re not online or in another universe, you aren’t able to join them.

Check with your friends if their account is protected by passwords or if they’ve blocked you accidentally.

Also, you should examine the mods that you as well as your friend are running and ensure they’re both the same.

Make sure that you’re using the latest Version of Minecraft.

In this scenario it is impossible to join in with your friend’s world.

If not, remove this beta edition, then unsubscribe and then install Minecraft again.

If you’re still not able to be part of the world of your friends after having checked these factors, consider the following options:

1. Ask Your Friend To Add You Again

The problem that keeps you from joining in with your friends’ world could be due to a minor glitch that will be resolved with a swift restart.

Your friend should ask you to shut down the game and restart their computer.

When the PC is back online, it will start the game once more and then remove yourself from that list.

After that, they can join you again, and check whether you’re able to join at this time.

2. Turn Off Windows Firewall

If you’re using a firewall in place on Windows and it is hindering you from being part of your fellow travelers in the same world.

However, prior to shutting it off, you should verify that Minecraft is allowed to be used.

To do this Go through Control Panel. Control Paneland look for Windows Defender Firewall.

Select it and click to allow an application or feature to be allowed through Windows Defender Firewallon the left pane.

Look for javaw.exe on the list and ensure it’s examined.

If not, look at the box beside it as well as the boxes that are listed under Public as well as the Public.

So, you don’t have to turn off the firewall to keep your system from being at risk.

However, if you’ve got an antimalware software from a third-party on your system it is possible to temporarily disable it and enable it once you are a part of the world.

3. Check For Network Issues

Because the two of you sharing the same universe via the internet, it is essential to have a reliable internet connection.

Be sure that both have a speedy Wi-Fi connection.

If you’re using an VPN It could place restrictions with regard to P2P connections.

Make sure to check your VPN settings to see if you have these permissions.

After that, make sure to check whether you have the most up-to-date network drivers.

Click on the Device Managementand select Network adapters..

Choose your network adapter click on it with a right-click and then choose to update the driver > Find automatically drivers.

Follow the prompts on screen to complete the update.

It is also recommended to examine your internet hardware and make sure it’s properly configured.

In other words, you won’t be able to make use of many features for example, being online and playing games online, joining online groups or using video chat.

Here’s how you can set up your network to be part of someone’s world via an Windows PC:

Enter the command within Cortana’s Search bar to start the Command Prompt.

Enter the command ipconfig/all into the window of the command prompt, then hit Enter.

Search for an IPv4 Gateway and the default Gateway and duplicate the numbers on top of them.

Start a browser and then paste this number into the search field.

You must enter the router’s password that is usually “admin” if you’ve never changed it previously.

You can go to the section UPnP.section It could be located under the Administration as well as Advanced configuration according to the router you are using.

Make sure to enable UPnP and save your modifications.

In this way, you’ll be able to remove the limitations that hinder you to participate in the world of a friend.

4. Reload Your Own Worlds

This solution has proven successful for a variety of users.

There could be a glitch in your account which block the connection.

Therefore, you can give the idea a go and see if it works.

Open Minecraft and go to Play > Worlds.

Choose one of your choices and then open the menu.

Select Quit and Save.

Go to The Friends Tab and check if you are able to join in with your friends’ world.

5. Port Forward

If your friend is connected to an account on a server that you’d like to connect to their network your router could be blocking connections to your network.

Therefore that you aren’t able to be part of their world.

The best solution is simply to redirect their ports in order that you are able to join their servers with no restrictions.

Port forwarding requires knowledge of the router’s IP address, the Gaming device’s IP along with TCP as well as UDP ports that you can locate here..

You must be aware of your router’s IP address to access the setting (through the same method used to eliminate problems with networks earlier).

To find out the IP address of your computer You can look up “What’s my IP” on Google and receive it immediately.

After you have entered your router’s configurations you will see the port forwarding section.

Enter the IP address in the box.

After that, enter your game’s TCP as well as UDP ports on the boxes.

Make sure to reboot your router many times as is necessary until port forwarding begins to take effect.

Take a look at this video to learn how to perform port forwarding correctly

6. Resolve Account Issues

If you’ve failed to created your account in a proper manner You may face limitations that prevent the connection to friends’ servers or connect to their worlds.

This is especially important in multiplayer or cross-play settings.

If you play on the Xbox device or Windows PC for gaming, you must ensure that your Microsoft account is properly set up to allow multiplayer access.

While the Microsoft account can be used to access multiplayer in default, it places limitations on users who are under the age of 18.

PlayStation and Nintendo have separate accounts that offer multiplayer access.

Review these settings to ensure there aren’t any limitations.

Check the restrictions on your account and your friends’ accounts.

For instance, if your friend is using the Xbox Live account, they must check their privacy settings on Xbox official site under the privacy online tab.

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