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Video Player is a program that allows you to play all media files, including audio on the device. One of the most popular video players that plays all of the media you have is KMPlayer. K-Multimedia Player is shortly known as KMPlayer or KMP. The most recent version of KMPlayer includes more exciting features, including the quick button and video zoom, move the playlist,

subtitle settings and much more. The formats that can be supported by KMPlayer include FLV, 3GP, M4V as well as TS, MKV MP4, AVI, MPG MOV and MP4. In addition, you are able to access subtitles in different formats. KMPlayer works with Android as well as iOS devices. It is possible to stream videos to TV with KMPlayer along with Chromecast.

How to cast Chromecast KMPlayer from Android

To stream KMPlayer to a Chromecast device via Android Connect Google Chromecast on the same network as Android.

Copy URL for video

Copy URL of video at the moment of time


Click To Unmute

1.) For your Android smartphone, download KMPlayerfrom the Google Play Store.

2.) Then, press “Open” to open the KMPlayer on your phone.

3.) 3. Open the KMP Connect and give the PIN number and password.

4.) Select any of the movies in the folder you wish to play using KMPlayer.

5.) Because KMPlayer can be used with Chromecast you can simply click the Cast button.

6.) Then, select the Google Chromecast device in the menu of options.


7) Therefore the video that is playing in your Android smartphone will be displayed at Chromecast TV Screen. Chromecast Television Screen.

The steps in order to Chromecast KMPlayer from iPhone

There isn’t native support for the KMPlayer for the iPhone. To stream content from your iPhone onto Chromecast devices, you will need to install third-party applications for your iPhone.

1.) Connect your iPhone as well as Google Chromecast devices with the network. Check that you’ve installed the KMPlayer application installed on your iPhone. If it’s not there, you can download it from the App Store.

2.) 2. Launch the App Store once more and then Install it again. 3) Install the Replica application.

3.) Then, open your Replica application and search for devices in the vicinity to locate that Google Chromecast and attach it.

4.) Click on the Start Broadcast button. Then you can see that your iPhone is ready to broadcast to the Chromecast.

5.) 5. Open the KMPlayer application on the iPhone and choose the videos in the library to play it.

6.) It will show up in the Chromecast.

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Instructions on how for Chromecast KM Player using PC

Before you begin how to proceed, you must connect both your computer or Chromecast with the exact WiFi network.

1.) 1. Install KMPlayer on your PC. KMPlayer program for the Windows PC from the official website.

2.) Install the most recent version of Google Chrome web browser on your computer.

3.) Click on the browser window and select the option to Cast.

4.) In the list of choices you can select the Chromecast device and then Source as Desktop.

5.) Then, open the KMPlayer app and play media files. It will show up when you connect your Chromecast device.



1. What are the formats for subtitles that support KMPlayer?

KMPlayer can handle subtitles made from DVD, DVB, SSA/ASS and more.

2. Can I use KMPlayer on a PC?

Utilizing Chrome, the Chrome web browser allows you to cast the KMPlayer onto a PC. There isn’t a plugin that supports it.


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