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Utilize career exploration activities to help students learn the skills needed for a career and identify an academic program at a college that can help them.

Based on a child’s age depending on the child’s age, the answer to, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” It could be silly–“A cartoon character” !”–or serious–“A physician.” The most important thing is that children are considering their careers at an early age and are honeing their thinking as they grow older. When they reach the high school level, they are more likely to be successful professionally if they’ve had plenty of opportunities to explore careers.

What exactly is career exploration?

Career exploration is now an important subject when high school students are preparing to go to university or begin working immediately following graduation. It allows students in high school to learn what their preferences and interests are, and then apply their knowledge in deciding on their next specializations or careers.

Based on Gallup, just 22 percent of the billions of employees are “engaged” in their jobs. This is a significant number of employees who feel unhappy working. We at PowerSchool we understand that exploring careers can alleviate some of the problems hindering people’s happiness throughout their career. Through the process of discovering the preferences of a person, career exploration can put future and present generations on the right path to happiness and success. It can also help to ensure that they don’t end being in jobs that are miserable for them.

It also makes it easier for students to fulfill the college and career-ready requirements that their schools have set up to increase their chances of securing an exciting job they are passionate about.

Career Exploration Activities

When your students have graduated from high school, they have a basic idea of what they’d like to accomplish in their lives. They may even have completed an assessment on their careersat the time of this, in order to start narrowing down their choices.

You’ve either completed an assessment on their career or are still learning about this subject exploring career options, these activities are an excellent opportunity to let students in high school start contemplating their career options. Three activities are suggested to start:

1. Hidden Occupation

Ask your students to find five “hidden” jobs each. The obvious jobs like chef, doctor, teacher or C.E.O. don’t count. Your students should dig deeper and uncover the roles of HR specialists and food stylist, ultrasound technician as well as content marketing strategist. Ask them to discuss their findings with the class.

2. Apprentice for a Day

This is a game that requires creativity along with critical thinking. Have your students imagine what it is like to become an apprentice at any occupation for a day. Discuss with them the jobs they’d choose and then explain the reasons.

3. Career Path

To emphasize the importance of visualization Ask your students to sketch the kind of route they think they’d have to follow to get their desired job.

These exercises can reveal valuable information as students develop their abilities to be ready for the workforce and develop their career readiness skillsand will help them prepare to be realistic about the expectations of their future.

What exactly are the best career development instruments?


Career planning for students the g can be difficult for administrators, teachers and students too. But , it’s not necessary to do it all on your own.

A variety of tools for exploring careers can assist your class in tracking achievements and objectives, such as Naviance powered by Microsoft’s career readiness feature. We understand that the college or career-ready process involves a lot of moving parts. We’re there to help your class flourish.



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