low-angle photography of brown bird

Exas was enthralled by the behaviour of the bird, which was charming in its humour, and that tried to eliminate the man’s spouse. This is the cuckoo of the plantain (this bird species has become famous, even in Hollywood animations, but in particular, you could watch it in a humorous show about a clever coyote that was released by Warner Brothers ).

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A couple of husband and wife working on their farm, stumbled upon the male cuckoo. After seeing the woman the plantain lost his head and passion exploded in his heart. the strength of which perhaps Cupid himself might have fled.


The plantain initially took off and gave gifts to the lady that included insects and bugs. After realizing it was not enough to provide food for her, the man was forced to resort to more efficient rituals, including wedding dances. However, it failed. I searched for bugs once more. It was unsuccessful!

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